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No matter what music or songs you want to play or sing, we can build the studio or supply the accessories to help control the noise.  We supply sound studio windows, doors, seals, walls, panels, floor underlayment, acoustical ceiling tiles, and on and on.

The following pictures display some of our work from start to finish before sound system installs.

Building a room inside a room


This is a studio booth that was constructed inside an open basement utilizing studio doors, a window, and floor underlayment built with 5/8" drywall and green glue.

From Closet to Studio

We converted a closet into a studio utilized for composing audio books.

Acoustical Panels

We constructed audio music studio and finished with acoustical panels for effect.

Listening Music Studio

Here we are building a studio utilizing very high end acoustically- specific materials for a listening music studio along with an underlayment for under the carpet padding and carpet.


Conference Room Walls

Soundproofing for conference rooms or music classrooms is a common request.  There are a variety of solutions available, but for this one we did an entire wall treatment to make this conference room completely silent to the adjoining room.

The color shown here was the client's selection, and a variety of color choices are available for this acoustical treatment.

Wall Treatments

Here we are soundproofing a home from traffic noise outside.  You can see the inside of the wall is treated with a combination of soundproofing solutions in order to create the quietest solution possible.  

These wall treatments in combination with our STC-Rated Sound Proof Formula Windows create a barrier to noise that gives you back the peace and quiet you deserve in your home or office.

One of the best parts, by the time we're done, you can't even tell we were there.  The walls in this home looked exactly the same with a fresh coat of paint.

Acoustical Walls

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* All Sound Proof Atlanta Products are Referred to as "SPA" Products