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I notice a big difference...

Here is what one of our recent customers had to say about her new windows:

“I am so thankful to have found Sound Proof Atlanta. I live on a busy road and thanks to the window installations, I notice a big difference in the noise reduction in my home. Steve and his team have been a delight to work with as well: friendly, concerned about helping me resolve my noise problems, and professional. I was kept informed of the process the entire way through, and the installation was done professionally and in a timely manner. I am happy with the quality of the windows as well.” 


Suzanne, Brookhaven, GA

This company does excellent work!

"Just had sound proof windows installed in my recording studio and the reduction of sound coming in is amazing! This company does excellent work!"

‎Mike, Audio Engineer/Mixer/Producer at Roots Recording Studio


Huge improvement with the sound...

This was a text received from a client where we installed Sound Proof Formula Windows and acoustical walls to help block the noise from the train located in her backyard.  We are so grateful to be of service to people with noise control needs:


"Hi Steve...huge improvement with the sound. 
Hope all is going well with you both, and you are doing a wonderful service to society by improving the quality of people's lives who would otherwise feel stuck and trapped in a house that never feels like home.”


Ellenwood, GA



"We purchased 4 Windows for our bedrooms from Sound Proof Atlanta.  3 windows in our bedroom did not work as effective as the one in our child’s room.  The difference that Mr. Forrester told us was the hardi plank siding that was on our exterior wall versus the brick on our child’s room.  I did not believe our home could be the problem.  It was the Windows that we purchased that were not working. 


But I was proven wrong.  Once Sound Proof Atlanta installed a sound barrier on our interior exterior facing wall, we saw the holes around the trim and walls that allowed the noise into the room.  There was no insulation and we had paid for more due to the location of our home.  We now are going after our builder of our new home of the bad construction.   Once the wall was completed and the holes sealed, we are now sleeping well and are happy of our new purchased home and windows.  It took both - windows and wall based on our location and construction.


Thank You, Steve.  We appreciate you taking care of your customer and want others to understand that Sound Proof Atlanta knows what they are talking about and represent quality with integrity."

Michael, Suwanee, GA


”I’ll Take Some More Windows, Please”


That is the latest phenomena happening at SoundProof Atlanta!  We are always striving to address the immediate need for our clients when it comes to noise.  In most cases it always starts in the master bedroom because that is where the noise is most disruptive.  However, once we complete the installation of our SoundProof Formula Windows, our clients are asking us to measure more windows and are ready to start the process for the purchase and installation of More!

The reason:  Our clients are finding out What Quiet Really Sounds Like!


“When I first purchased I was a little apprehensive to see how installing some windows and doors in my bedroom could really really reduce the traffic noise from Lenox Road.  Well I became a believer and called Steve and his crew back for More!  Thank you for bringing the quality of quiet health back to the house.”


Billy L. Atlanta, GA




That was the issue.  Our client Doctor is an oral surgeon in the Atlanta area and moved his whole practice to a beautiful office and location.  Well, little did they know the equipment room that houses all the motors for the drills was located right next to the front desk where reservations and checking out patients are done.


Their builder and the doctor contacted SoundProof Atlanta to quiet the room so that no one outside the room could hear the noise of motors that echoed to be very loud when consolidated in a small room.  We put barriers and absorbent materials on the walls and ceiling and sealed the door. 


"Thank you SoundProof Atlanta for your dedication and professionalism to take care of our noise.  We are extremely happy with the results and appreciate you working on a Saturday so there was no disruption to our patients.”


Dr. Tom, Atlanta, GA




"It was a pleasure working with Steve and his team. He answered all of our emails within a timely manner and answered all the questions we had about the install. The office looks great after the work and we never have to worry about meetings and conference calls bothering the surrounding offices again. Not many people think about soundproofing an office- but it definitely makes a difference!!"   

Leeza, Norcross, GA 


Our client is a large industrial company that has recently merged with another company.  Needless to say, conversations within the CEO’s office need to be kept quiet especially when the door is closed.  In this case conversations were being carried outside the office.  SoundProof Atlanta was hired to soundproof the CEO's office, approximately 200 square feet - 2 walls.   You would never know we were there, except for the fact that all conversations stay inside the office now.

As Leeza said, it definitely made a difference.




That is what Ms. Patty had in her newly renovated home near Peachtree DeKalb Airport in Atlanta, GA.  

They put in new windows when they renovated the home and they let in all sorts of noise from the neighborhood, including the airplane noise. 

With the install of 5 SoundProof Formula windows mounted on two sides of the exterior of the home, they no longer hear the noise of the neighborhood and the plane noise is tolerable. 


"Thank you, Steve, for the professional job and the ability to hear ourselves think in our office and sleep in the evening.  Your customer service is outstanding!

The area with the SoundProof Formula windows are much quieter than the rest of the home.  The windows look great and are easy to use.  I hope to be back for more in the future!”  


Patty, Atlanta,GA





These are the attributes that our client appreciates in her latest install of SoundProof Formula Windows in her basement.  Since her finished basement has allot of beautiful light and entrance points, she turned to SoundProof Atlanta for the security aspect of unwanted intruders entering her beautiful home and her protection came with many more attributes!  This is what she had to say:


“Thanks so much for the fantastic work on the windows and door in our basement!  From a safety perspective it is so nice to know that corner of the house is more secure.  And since we always run down to the basement and watch the weather in a storm, it’s good that we have stronger windows.  And the neighbors won’t hear our sound system if we are watching movies.

Not only do they work well, they also look great.  I can’t wait to replace additional windows.  Thank You!"


Lisa, Smryna, GA




Our client is expecting a baby and in preparing the nursery they realized how loud the room really was with the road traffic.   Knowing that sleep will be a "must have" with a newborn and parents, they took control and installed a SoundProof Formula Window to block the noise.  Hear is what they have to say….


"SoundProof Atlanta was a pleasure to deal with.  Steve is knowledgeable, responsive, and diligent in his work.  Moreover, we could not be happier with the finished product:  Steve has transformed our nursery from the loudest room in our house to the quietest, all without sacrificing aesthetic.  Our only regret is that we didn't think to do this sooner!  Homeowners dealing with annoying street noise should stop complaining and just call Steve!”    Kevin &  Lindsay, Dunwoody, G


I’m thoroughly enjoying the peace and quiet due to the new windows (SoundProof Formula Windows).  It’s like living in a cave LOL.

The only time I really notice anything is when the planes pass by in the early morning and that is mostly just a low muffled sound.


Eugene, Charlotte, NC


Our client was seeking help from noise entering his entire home from barking dogs (the neighbor fosters unwanted dogs), and the plane noise from the airport.    He is thrilled to have the silence in his newly renovated home and the peace which comes from the protection and security provided by our windows.  Now he can enjoy the beauty of his home without the sound of barking dogs and the constant loud rumble of a metropolitan airport.  Thank you, Eugene

Another Quiet House Installation


"THANK YOU, Steve, for a good night's rest....finally!"  -- Pace


This November we installed the SoundProof Formula Windows in a home that had to deal with cement trucks passing by every early morning, noon and night!

Now the cement trucks can pass by and our client can not hear them.  The integrity of the room still looks beautiful and the windows still show the beauty of the area.  It is just "Quiet" and "Soundproofed".

Sleeping Safe and Sound...


In this day and age, no one can feel secure in even the safest environments.  


"I live in a neighborhood that has had no crime history, however knowing that my windows and sliding doors on the basement level could be jiggled open with minimal effort has been a nagging concern.  A motion detector will alarm you after the fact, but will not be a preventative measure of security.  


Steve has provided me with a solution that will lock out crime and provide peace of mind.  We even took the next step with replacing perfectly good windows on the main floor for additional security. We can definitely sleep easier at night knowing we are protected. As an added benefit, the windows also provide HVAC efficiency, high end styling, low maintenance, and enhanced marketability.  Steve can absolutely be trusted with providing the right solution, for the right situation, for the right price."



Cumming, GA

Home Bedroom Windows


"THANK YOU, Steve, for providing us with beautiful windows and workmanship to custom fit our home and provide a see through barrier from NOISE!  Now I need some help with the backyard work!"  -- Chris and Deborah


"MOM, WAS RIGHT", as Chris, a lawyer in the Atlanta area, sat his two young children down and explained to them that their mommy, Deborah, was right in ordering the Soundproof Formula line of Windows as a solution to block traffic noise from a busy street in Buckhead.  Chris was a little skeptical that a solution existed.  Deborah contacted us desperate for a solution, because IF they could not stop the noise from entering their bedroom and their son's, they were moving!  Matter of fact they had already been out looking by the time they found us.


One weekend Steve Constructs installed 9 bedroom windows for Chris and Deborah.  Now their son does not get up in the night or early morning and start turning on lights because he no longer hears buses and street traffic, nor do his parents.  The whole household is sleeping soundly and securely!



"The hum of those large air conditioners was Awful and Annoying!  We must tell you how much we appreciate the excellent workmanship, professional treatment, and a product that really works!  We even got an added benefit of blocking the noise from the parking garage and better insulation.   Thank you, Thank you, Steve, and company, for helping us enjoy our rest and now peaceful cool home and a good job done.!”  Alex off Peachtree in Atlanta, GA


Our client could not stand the noise outside his condo in the city of large air conditioning units cooling all the condo’s in his downtown area.  He loves his location, his home, his view, but not the sound of keeping everyone in the neighborhood COOL, which in Atlanta that can be a long summer.  If you have ever lived with an air conditioner going outside your bedroom window, especially older units, it is not musical.  So Steve installed 2 SoundProof Formula windows for Mr. Alex and his wife to block the noise and they are thrilled.


Sound Proof Formula Windows and Doors


"Thank you, Steve Forrester, for your professionalism, your cleanliness, and the amazing team of installers.  My family and guests can not believe they can hear no noise.  We will still party, but stop when we want to stop not when the noise stops!!  We highly recommend this company, people and product!"  Steve Willson, Steve Wilson Pools.


GO TIGERS, AUBURN TIGERS THAT IS.........Now the Auburn University community can scream and celebrate all they want because our client, Steve W., has The Soundproof Formula line of doors and windows at his home.  Steve bought a condo in the midst of downtown Auburn because he loves the town and the team.  He and the family live in Atlanta, but use their get away for weekend activity during the school year.  Although they are convenient to the main activity of the city, the college, the kids, the bars, and the stadium; there are times they would just like a break from ALL THAT NOISE, especially late into the evening.  Oh, did I mention, there is a train that rolls through there, too.


Steve Constructs installed The Soundproof Formula custom line of windows and doors for his condo and now not train or screaming kids can wake or disturb this family while inside.  Our client is now ready for another championship year!


Home is Where Peace and Quiet Exists??


Now it does for our client!  


"I Love The Environment of My Home, Steve.   I just ordered two more windows because the value for the return of the investment was exceptional.  Thank You for bringing Peace and a Smile Back to being home!!”


Recently we used our SoundProof Formula windows on the interior of two bedrooms facing a road and driveway with heavy traffic and worse yet the “stop and go light” was right near the home which created even more noise obstructions.

Required Sleep and Peace can be Obsessive especially when you can not get it.    Our client searched and tried different solutions for 2 years with no resolution.


Sleeping Soundly, Dennis in Decatur, GA.

In-Home Studio


"Thank you, Steve, for the advice, quality service, and follow-up to making my studio a reality.  The window makes it!!!  -- JacInBeats 




HEY MR. Dj, can you play that song........as loud as can be all night long!!!  Our Dj can now do that with his new in-home studio and sound studio window.  He was looking for advice on how to build out a sound studio for his records and recordings for his new refinished basement and evening hobby.  He also required a studio window.  That is where The Soundproof Formula came in.  S. P. Forrester provided the consultation, locations for purchase of materials and the window.  The existing contractor put it all together and installed the studio window.  The studio window has a 50 STC rating which exceeds the norm of 48 STC.  It looks good, sounds good and now Dj "JacInBeats" is ready to take requests!

Slept Through The Night!


“I slept through the night last night for the 1st time since I can remember!!!! The train didn’t wake me up like usual.  I’m ecstatic!  Thanks for a job well done!”  We are already saving for Phase II of soundproofing.  This has greatly improved our quality of life at home."  Nailah, Atlanta, GA


We do not need to say much more than what our client has said.  They moved next to a location that had train traffic.  We not only installed Soundproof Formula Windows in her bedroom, but we soundproofed a wall with rock wool, a barrier, and drywall to stop the vibration from entering the room.

No More Highway Noise!


"Thank You, Steve, we are sleeping better already!  Great product and professionalism that exceeded my expectations.  Our neighbor has already asked about the windows and we are going to invite her over." said Tony.


NOW I CAN still see it, but NOT HEAR IT!!!  Tony and Peg live in a beautiful 3 story townhouse in Vinings. They had tree's to block the view of I-285, but because the tree's were going to interfere with the billboard signage, the beautiful hardwoods were taken down and now all that is left is constant HIGHWAY NOISE and the view of cars, trucks and semi's all day long.  Tony found a solution for the traffic noise entering their bedroom windows, the install of The Soundproof Formula line of Windows.  


The windows were mounted on the exterior of the home because they were installed to look just like all the other windows in the town home complex.  Now Tony and Peg have increased the value of their home because location and sound control matters. Additionally, they can now sleep soundly while the traffic zooms by.

Home Studio


"Thank you, Steve, for pulling my studio back together with amazing workmanship and sound control quality.  My wife can not hear me while she is upstairs and I mix my music downstairs.  I am back in business."  said Mark, Outlaw Sound Studio


"MUSIC AND SOUND is my business", said our composer, mixer, musician and sound expert.

Mark recently had to redo his entire home sound studio in Alpharetta, GA, due to water damage.  He called in his original contractor, Steve Constructs, only this time upgraded to an amazing studio for personal and professional use.

This job design and installation was a collaborative work between Mark and Steve and took multiple product combinations from soundproofing walls, glass doors, windows, doors, floors, ceiling, and the construction and assembly of it all to produce this Top Grade Sound Studio.  

Dirt Cheap Music


"Steve, thank you for your fine work and attention to detail. The entire process was professional and timely. We will have you back for more work!"  -- Aaron Rathbone, Dirt Cheep Music


Dirt Cheep Music, in Smyrna, does an amazing business by matching individuals and organizations with the right musical instruments and equipment.  Therefore, they need to display effective signage on the exterior and on the interior with a secure, energy efficient blocking wall.


Not only does Steve Constructs provide The Soundproof Formula for glass windows, he provided the SPF formula for eliminating old broken glass storefronts and built out high gloss black Fiber Cement Panels for a custom billboard type window dressing.  Just what the customer wanted!  (Black window works displayed on far right and left corner of building)

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