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SoundProof Atlanta began with one clear and simple ambition: bring the very best acoustical solutions in the industry to the greater Atlanta area. Now, with over 75 years of combined room soundproofing experience, we're expanding our services beyond Atlanta to the southeast as a whole. SoundProof Atlanta takes pride in being an industry leader with a passion for continued excellence in acoustical solutions, soundproof engineering, and long-lasting client relationships.

Local Expertise.

The southeast is our home. We understand the materials, design, installation best practices, and soundproofing techniques to get the results you need.

Engineered Solutions.

We tackle the most technical soundproofing problems with modern tools and design-forward solutions to give you the precise room acoustic you’re seeking.

 Proven Results.

SoundProof Atlanta has more than 75 years of combined experience, from residential acoustical windows to enterprise commercial production studios. 

About the SoundProof Atlanta Team

Proud member of:

We’re excited to meet you and hear your story so we can help you in the complex world of Noise! Let us introduce ourselves. We are the Forresters – Steve, Kathryn and Knox – and the owners of SoundProof Atlanta. 

We spend a lot of our time in Alpharetta, GA where SoundProof Atlanta is headquartered. When we’re not in the Peach State, you might bump into us in a little place nestled just outside Rosemary and Inlet Beach in the Florida panhandle. We’re still searching for Noise there!

When it comes to passions, we have many values in our SoundProof Atlanta family, with family being number one. Steve and Kathryn recently moved their parents from Cedarburg, WI to Alpharetta, GA to be closer together.

In addition to family, we love sunsets, mountains, waterfronts, a good bourbon old fashioned, cooking, and laughing at the silliness of Knox. What we do not like is Noise and too much of it, so we can sympathize with anyone who experiences it.

We are excited you chose SoundProof Atlanta as your partner in soundproofing. Your stories mixed with our results is what makes us a success. 

Steve is a problem solver and good at it – give him a problem and he will find the resolution. Kathryn is a creative, project organizer, strategist, and enjoys coming up with tasteful and design pleasing solution. Our Chairman of the Board, John, is 91. His years of experience in leadership and how to run a customer-focused business rings even more true in this day and age and is being passed down to the entire SoundProof Atlanta team.

Elias is an excellent engineer and can install any acoustical assembly to perfection. Joel is his son-in-law and works feverishly to obtain the same skills in acoustical installations. He is also training to take readings for site assessments to further expand his skills with diagnosis and reporting. John is our Acoustical Solutions Advocate. He brings to our engineers your requests, needs, and wants to provide the perfect solution.

Then there is Ryan. He runs not only the IT part of our world, but we are not sure what we would do without his excellent skills in cybersecurity, operations, spreadsheets, acoustical testing and analysis, and answering the question “how do I do this” whether it be on the phone, computer, or specific tools available to make the business run smoother. Karen is our Acoustical Concierge. She is a new addition to assist us with reconnecting with our past and present clients to ensure we are listening when it comes to what our clients need. She loves to organize. Chris is our acoustical engineer that reviews all detailed plans to provide perfection in design and engineering.

Ron and Ryan are our father-son team that handles our church installations. Ron has been with us for many years and knows the ins and outs of the window and acoustical assembly install business.

Giving Back to Our Community

SoundProof Atlanta believes in the importance of community connectedness, which is why we have been supporters of many organizations we believe make a difference.

Thank You for Making a Difference in Someone's Life!

Florida Hurricane Recovery

Everyone Deserves a Sunny Day After a Cloudy Day!Steve and Kathryn believe in the power of prayer to bring Sunshine back into people’s lives. Our hearts go out to our Panhandle community in Panama City and Mexico Beach. We are supporting efforts of the local church community (Chapel at the Beach, Rosemary Beach, FL) to provide the resources these families require in this time of need.

The pictures are devastating and reports back indicate, "It looks like a War Zone.”

We hope and pray most of the people reading this will never have to go through what this group of people have and are continuing to endure. If you would like to put some sunshine back into this community, we have provided a link where we know the money provided is being given directly for the people and to the people. We are thankful for all the people volunteering their time and resources!

The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

Here at SoundProof Atlanta, Steve and Kathryn Forrester give back to communities and organizations such as the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and Chapel at the Beach, Rosemary Beach, FL to help families in Panama City Beach and Mexico Beach affected by Hurricane Michael in 2018.

The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation is leading the fight against type 1 diabetes (T1D) by funding research, advocating for policies that accelerate access to new therapies, and providing a support network for millions of people around the world impacted by T1D. JDRF is the only global organization with a strategic plan to progressively remove the impact of T1D from people’s lives until it is no longer a threat to anyone.

Hear it from Our Customers

Client satisfaction is our #1 priority. See what everyone is saying about their SoundProof Atlanta experience.

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"SoundProof Atlanta went above and beyond.”

Our company was very fortunate to have connected with SoundProof Atlanta. We needed to ensure certain spaces were modified for confidential reasons and others for noise distractions. Our building is old, and it took much investigation to figure out all of the issues. SoundProof Atlanta went above and beyond to insure we were only doing the steps necessary and as cost effectively as possible. I would highly recommend them. THANK YOU!

Tracey Moretz

Columbia Engineering and Services

"The difference is huge!”

Thanks for everything you guys did for us here at GBC.  The difference is huge!  

Neil Natic

Chief Information Officer/SVP - Georgia Banking Company

"I would definitely recommend SoundProof.”

I live near a business that utilizes forklifts at random times through the day (sometimes even through the night) and I needed a way to minimize the sounds. SoundProof Atlanta helped with my situation by installing a second set of acoustic soundproofing windows from the inside which helped dampen outside noises by a lot. These also helped with the HVAC noises that hum through the night. As a bonus, we installed Low E on the windows and they help keep the room a bit cooler during the sunny days. They were nice and professional to work with, and I would definitely recommend their service if you have particular soundproofing needs.

Gream Park


"SoundProof gave us the exact outcome we were hoping for.”

Highly pleased with the results from working with SoundProof Atlanta. The outcome is exactly what we were hoping for, and Steve and Kathryn frequently oversaw the work themselves and took a personal interest in the outcome of the project. Great value for the money. Highly recommend. They know their stuff!

Sue Holub


"Seamless and extremely professional!”

Our company needed help with acoustic sound dampening for a high profile centennial gala for a local university. In order to best display our orchestra and headliner, we needed to add panels to the venue. First, SoundProof Atlanta took the time to inform us of the best options for our program. They walked us through each setup and the time frame necessary for all options. Their attention to our needs and customer service were unmatched. The team worked closely with our venue manager to coordinate the entire process. This allowed us to handle more pressing details that needed our attention leading up to the event. They worked out arrival, setup, staff needs, etc. The installation was seamless and extremely professional! The event was a huge success with the help of SoundProof Atlanta. We could not recommend them more!


Ideals United