Residential Acoustical Windows

SoundProof Atlanta is your consultative partner for acoustical windows that restore your home living environment to the peaceful home you intended it to be.

Home is Where the Peace is.

Soundproofing with acoustical windows can be an essential feature to restore peace and tranquility from the place you go to recharge: your home.

Noise Reduction

Acoustical windows reduce the amount of noise entering your home from the outside, so you can sleep, relax, and concentrate.

Increased Privacy

Acoustical windows increase privacy by blocking out noise from neighbors, traffic, wildlife, and more.

Increased Value

Selling your home? Acoustical windows are a priceless feature for potential buyers - especially in noisy environments.

Health Benefits

Noise pollution can have negative impacts on your health, including increased stress, high blood pressure, and sleep disturbance.

Our Proven Soundproofing Process

SoundProof Atlanta takes pride in our consultation-driven process because it helps our customers get the soundproofing end results they want. We get your job done correctly the first time with our consultative approach, building trust, communication, and superior soundproofing execution.


We’ll work with you  directly or on-site to identify solutions that fix your acoustics problems. We offer an analytical approach to soundproofing, with in-depth acoustical analyses available upon request.


Our custom soundproofing solutions are both tasteful and design-forward. You can make a bold visual statement or add subtle, vanishing acoustic quality to your space as suits your needs.


Our extensive partnerships with acoustical  suppliers in the USA ensure we can source the most effective products in either stock or custom configurations for your project’s specifications.


From acoustical assemblies installation to complete, turn-key buildouts, we've seen it and done it - and we have you covered. Our installers have years of acoustical construction experience to ensure your soundproofing project is a huge success.

The Products SoundProof Atlanta Uses to Restore Peace in Your Home

When you install acoustical windows, your restore peace and quiet to your home. External noise pollution causes major source of irritation and stress, but acoustical windows can help to block out that noise, allowing you to enjoy a more peaceful and comfortable living environment.

REPLACEMENT Sound Proof Formula Windows and Doors

Our Sound Proof Formula Windows don't just look good, but also function as Energy Star rated and have laminated glass for protection against noise and intruders, which means they are sold for safety minded-clients, as well.

This client not only wanted to replace the windows and doors in the home, but the added attraction of safety made the decision to go with these windows a better solution for the money.

EXTERIOR Mounted Sound Proof Formula Windows

Most common windows are not rated to block any noise but when looking at an STC (sound transmission class), common windows may block 12-15 dB. Our windows are 38 STC rated and when added to a good working window of 12-15 dB, you can achieve the noise-blocking effect you are looking for when it comes to traffic, neighbors, dogs, and trains.​

Pictured is an exterior mount view point where you can see we trim out the windows to look like they are part of the home and the extra space between the existing window and our new window makes everything look as it should from the inside and out.

INTERIOR Mounted Sound Proof Acoustical Windows

No mater what type of home, where you are located, we have a window mount that will fit your environment and give you the Quiet Home you dream of! Our windows can be mounted on the inside of your existing windows. Why would you need to mount the windows on interior of existing:

  • If your HOA does not want anything altered on the exterior of your home windows, we will mount on the interior as to not change the look

  • If your existing windows are good, we like to have 3 inches of dead air space between windows to achieve maximum efficiency of sound/noise blockage

  • All window orders are custom and when used for noise come with a STC rating of 33, 34, 38 or 40 depending on the situation and requirement

  • Key ingredient is the use of laminated glass and the thickness will range depending on rating and testing variance

  • After the install you will not even notice we have added the extra layer of window/glass as our goal is to leave your home as it was when we arrived

  • Depending on room make-up, windows will be single hung (bottom sash opens) or solid glass (as long as there is an exit from another part of the room)

  • All windows are made in USA

SECURITY Mounted Sound Proof Formula Windows

Did you know our windows and patio doors are SECURITY PROOF, too!  When you purchase our Sound Proof Formula Windows besides reducing noise and gaining energy efficiencies, you get security proof.

Our windows have laminated glass which is used to block noise and thieves from entry to your home or business.  Why would you consider anything else when considering replacement windows for your home.  Get the Facts/Specs below:

  • STC 38 - sound transmission class (typical windows do not have STC rating, but can block somewhere in the 15-18 STC if they had a rating)

  • 2 layers of glass for noise and security protection

  • Can be mounted as replacement or along side your existing windows either on the interior or exterior of existing

  • PVC frames

  • Aluminum interior of frame

  • Patented latches and locks

  • Energy Star Rated

  • Low E from protection from harmful rays of sun

  • Custom designs are available

  • Made in USA

Room SoundProofing FAQs

Learn more about how room soundproofing works
and how we do it.

What makes SoundProof Atlanta different from other soundproofing options?

We provide tasteful soundproofing solutions. We assess your specific situation, find the issues, research the solution, supply the materials, and finally, do the installation. We are unique in our industry because we are with you from start to finish. Most soundproofing companies provide only one or some of these services.

Can I just soundproof my space on my own (DIY)?

50% of the job of soundproofing is the proper selection of materials. Individuals are able, online, to see the wide range of soundproofing product options and to purchase them. Since the selection of the correct materials for your specific situation is so important, it can be tricky for an individual without soundproofing experience to make the best choices.

We do have customers contact us for recommendations for soundproof windows who will choose to purchase the products from us and do the installation themselves. Soundproof Atlanta will sell products alone without the installation service to customers who make such a request. We will be happy to make a recommendation to a customer for the best soundproofing materials for their situation in order for them to take on the project themselves.

However, the other 50% of the job of soundproofing is the proper installation, attention to detail, and making sure that everything is put in correctly. Not only that, but we have access to industry-specific soundproofing computer software that we utilize to ensure that you get the best results based on the specifics of your case for our installers to use when we provide the installation for you, so you can get the most out of your investment and have the peace and quiet you deserve in your home or business.

What is the hardest noise to stop?

The hardest noises to stop are the deep, low vibration sounds that come from things like large trucks, motorcycles, and airplanes. This is a common issue that we face. It is very difficult, but it is solvable! The other difficult noise to tackle is ceiling footfall and noise heard from below. Once again, a solvable issue, but one of a soundproof company’s greatest challenges.

How should I choose a soundproofing professional?

There are a few key things to consider when choosing a room soundproofing professional:
- Look for experience.
- Ask for references.
- Ask to see examples of their work.
- Someone who has a background in sciences (physics) and construction.
- Someone who lives to serve others with their knowledge, skills, and abilities in their business.

What Products and Services does SoundProof Atlanta offer?

We offer a variety of custom products depending on the specific, unique needs of every client and situation. We procure products and materials made in the U.S.A.

The services we provide depend on what the specific soundproofing needs are. We can provide an acoustical study to evaluate the situation and choose the best solution. We can also do a complete buildout (turn-key) or we can provide consultation and project management to assist your team in implementation of the acoustical solutions.

What is included in a paid site assessment?

Our team of acoustical consultants will tour your space and talk through the intended usage and any current issues. They will identify problem areas within your space and ascertain the most effective treatment options. Photos and acoustical measurements will be taken, and a written report will be provided for you to review. Further in-depth acoustical analyses are also available upon request.

How much noise reduction can I expect from an acoustical window install?

The windows we most commonly use are rated at STC-34. Assuming that the noise is not entering through any other gaps in siding or doors, you can expect around a 34 decibel reduction in noise once they are properly installed and sealed. This generally results in the offending noise seeming to sound as if it were far in the distance, resulting in a much more pleasant interior environment. For special applications, we also offer custom solutions including higher STC ratings, tinting/frosting, and greater impact resistance, etc.

What is the average lead time for a typical project?

If your project only calls for standard color and size/shape panels, we can often complete the installation within 2-3 weeks. Depending on the style and level of custom work, this lead time can extend up to 8 weeks while waiting for custom-ordered materials to be fabricated. Residential windows require 6-8 weeks from the date of ordering currently. Note: These are average lead times that are subject to change due to industry delays.

What areas do you travel to/work in?

While we are based in Atlanta, we have completed installs all over the Southeast US, including all of Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, and South Carolina. If your acoustical project is located in these states or anywhere nearby, don’t hesitate to reach out and we would be happy to discuss options for working together.