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HERE AT SOUND PROOF ATLANTA, Steve and Kathryn Forrester design solutions for noise control that are practical and tasteful while making your home a home or your business a business!


Sound Proof Atlanta is located in Atlanta, along with the Forresters, who love escaping the noise to visit Lake Burton, GA for some peace and quiet, as you can see in this picture.  In Atlanta, they help people with the abundance of noise the city supplies to residents and businesses.

We thank you for visiting our page.  Please let us hear from you and how we can put quiet back into your way of life.



The Forresters

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Some Sound Proof Atlanta Team members on site @ work (Ashley, Steve, Ernesti)


*Sound Proof Atlanta has a 4 Window Install Order Minimum*

Soundproof Atlanta, LLC
Steve Forrester
44 Milton Ave
Suite 124
Alpharetta, GA 30009


Phone:  (404) 721-4407