Recording Studios Soundproofing

Recording studios soundproofing - Our solutions can help you create a professional and high-quality recording environment.

Expert Soundproofing for Recording Studios

Whether recording tomorrow’s most popular podcast or next hit record, the room soundproofing you have in place makes all the difference. You need the best soundproofing panels, fabrics, and acoustical products to optimize how your talent performs and what the end product sounds like. Why is soundproofing is so essential for your studio?

Optimize Noise Pollution and Sound Bleed

Your room needs to be soundproofed to prevent any unwanted sound from not only bleeding into adjacent studios or booths, but also from leaking out of the building. Many of our clients are located in a residential district and/or have multiple studios to isolate. Either way, expert soundproofing makes all the difference. 

Soundproofing to Enhance Sound Quality

Enhance your recording sound quality by reducing background noise, isolating tracks, and tuning channels with expert soundproofing. We use the highest quality soundproofing panels, fabric, and acoustical products so your recordings achieve that crisp, well-balanced end product you need.

To Build a Creatively Inspiring Talent Space

Your talent needs to feel in the moment and be in the moment to create the best performances. Our aesthetically pleasing and design-driven acoustical products give your talent not only the audio quality they’re looking for, but a comfortable and inspiring room to bring out their best.

Recording Studios Soundproofing

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Turn up the volume in your commercial recording studio with our soundproofing services. See how we can help by browsing our portfolio now.

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"SoundProof Atlanta went above and beyond.”

Our company was very fortunate to have connected with SoundProof Atlanta. We needed to ensure certain spaces were modified for confidential reasons and others for noise distractions. Our building is old, and it took much investigation to figure out all of the issues. SoundProof Atlanta went above and beyond to insure we were only doing the steps necessary and as cost effectively as possible. I would highly recommend them. THANK YOU!

Tracey Moretz

Columbia Engineering and Services

"The difference is huge!”

Thanks for everything you guys did for us here at GBC.  The difference is huge!  

Neil Natic

Chief Information Officer/SVP - Georgia Banking Company

"I would definitely recommend SoundProof.”

I live near a business that utilizes forklifts at random times through the day (sometimes even through the night) and I needed a way to minimize the sounds. SoundProof Atlanta helped with my situation by installing a second set of acoustic soundproofing windows from the inside which helped dampen outside noises by a lot. These also helped with the HVAC noises that hum through the night. As a bonus, we installed Low E on the windows and they help keep the room a bit cooler during the sunny days. They were nice and professional to work with, and I would definitely recommend their service if you have particular soundproofing needs.

Gream Park


"SoundProof gave us the exact outcome we were hoping for.”

Highly pleased with the results from working with SoundProof Atlanta. The outcome is exactly what we were hoping for, and Steve and Kathryn frequently oversaw the work themselves and took a personal interest in the outcome of the project. Great value for the money. Highly recommend. They know their stuff!

Sue Holub


"Seamless and extremely professional!”

Our company needed help with acoustic sound dampening for a high profile centennial gala for a local university. In order to best display our orchestra and headliner, we needed to add panels to the venue. First, SoundProof Atlanta took the time to inform us of the best options for our program. They walked us through each setup and the time frame necessary for all options. Their attention to our needs and customer service were unmatched. The team worked closely with our venue manager to coordinate the entire process. This allowed us to handle more pressing details that needed our attention leading up to the event. They worked out arrival, setup, staff needs, etc. The installation was seamless and extremely professional! The event was a huge success with the help of SoundProof Atlanta. We could not recommend them more!


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